64 hours of classroom:

  • DOT-FMCSA/SOS rules and regulations
  • CDL-A permit preparation with CDL Study Guides
  • Written pre-testing and reviewing of:
    • Illinois/Wisconsin CDL guides, rules, and regulations
    • Driving safely, including but not limited to:
      • Vehicle inspections
      • Basic control of your vehicle
      • Shifting gears
  • Transporting cargo safely
  • Air brakes
  • Combination vehicles
  • CSA FMCSA compliance safety accountability
  • DOT hours of service and log book compliance training
  • Trip planning: planning a dispatch run by combining map book reading and log book compliance
  • Overall program protocols-safety in the trucks and operations in the yard skills and over-the-road driving
  • Endorsements: *hazardous materials, tank vehicles, and double/triple trailers classroom training and testing preparation
  • Trucking safety operation and practice series videos

22 hours of behind the wheel range yard skills training driving Volvo 13-speed sleepers coupled to 48-foot and 53-foot trailers

22 hours of behind the wheel over-the-road driving skills driving Volvo 13-speed sleepers coupled to 48-foot and 53-foot trailers

132 hours of remedial: pre-trip inspections practice and enactments, additional time for classroom, enhanced yard skills training, and over-the-road driving skills. 

In Illinois, a driver is required by TSA to have a background check done prior to taking the Haz-Mat Endorsement test with the Secretary of State. The cost to the driver is $86.50 and requires being fingerprinted with the process taking between two (2) to three (3) weeks to receive the letter of clearance from TSA which in turn allows the driver to take the endorsement test with SOS.

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